Dogs Trust Ireland receive over 300 requests for placing dogs up for adoption.

Dogs Trust Ireland said they received 370 requests from people who want to give their new dogs to the rehoming centre.

From December 26th to January 31st the animal charity received 317 calls and 53 emails to the rehoming centre.

On average, the group confirmed they received ten calls a day. The most common reason people had for wanting to give up their dogs, was that they don’t have the time to look after them.

Located in Finglas, the rehoming centre opened in November 2009 and is the only Dogs Trust centre in Ireland. With ISPCA amd DSPCA being the other two main dog rescue charities in Ireland, there are currently not enough facilities to house the unwanted dogs.

Dogs Trust’s famous phrase “A dog is for life not just for christmas’’, was coined 40 years ago, but the message is still as relevant today with the number of dogs that are abandoned or surrendered during the period just after Christmas.

The animal charity described the number of post-Christmas requests to give up unwanted dogs from members of the Irish public as “alarming”. Managing directors  at the centre said that they were ‘’dismayed’’ that so many people still buy pets on a whim and are prepared to discard them once the novelty wears off.

Currently there are 63 dogs in the Finglas rehoming centre who are at full capacity. There are 13 dogs who are new into the centre and 26 who have been reserved by people wanting to adopt them.

Executive Director of Dogs Trust, Suzie Carley, said “It is extremely worrying that we continue to see a large number of dogs and puppies being surrendered or abandoned after Christmas.”

Rachel Halpin

Image Credit: companionanimalpsychology

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