There were no signs of assault where ‘large amounts of blood’ were spilled in Mary Lowry’s bedroom and living room, the Mr Moonlight trial heard this afternoon.

Giving evidence before the jury, forensic scientists stated that did not find ‘large amounts’ blood in the living room and master bedroom of Ms Lowry’s house.

While many swabs of potential blood spots were taken from the master and living rooms, none of these resulted to be sufficient DNA evidence.  

Patrick Quirke of Breanshamore, Co Tipperary has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Bobby Ryan, a truck driver and part-time DJ known as Mr Moonlight on a date between June 3 2011 and April 2011.

Last week, the trial heard that the post-mortem examination of Mr Ryan’s body showed evidence of assault.

Swabs were taken from the crime scene on May 3rd, 2013 by forensic scientist Martina McBride from Ms Lowry’s house. These included an area behind the headboard of the bed, a shelf in the wardrobe and ceiling. Samples of the mattress and carpet, as well as the chandelier from the living room, were also sent for examination.

The swabs and samples were then investigated by Dr Hillary Clarke, who also gave evidence at the trial this afternoon.

However, she explained that she found no suitable DNA samples which could have been appropriately discriminated to determine their original source.

Hair clip

Under cross examination by Lorcan Staines SC, for defence, Dr Clarke outlined that she had ‘interest’ in the hair clip which was found in the run off from the slurry tank.

Dr Clarke described the hair clip to be ‘pieces of plastic’ and explained that it had broken into four parts, and its hinge mechanism was missing.

The wife of the accused, Ms Imelda Lowry, was accompanied by a young male at the trial this afternoon.

Justice Eileen Creedon read out the case for the search warrant of Ms Lowry’s house later on at the hearing. She stated that the search warrant for the property was lawful.

By Gabija Gataveckaite

Image credit: The Irish Times

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