Average February temperatures increased by over two degrees Celsius across Ireland between 2018 and 2019, according to Met Éireann data.

However, the 2019 temperatures are only a 0.15 degrees Celsius rise on the average temperature for February 2017. Late February and March of last year were ravaged by Storm Emma and the Beast from the East, a stark contrast to the warm temperatures of late.

“Scientifically, at this point, it is difficult to directly attribute this year’s mild temperatures to anthropogenic/man-made climate change,” said Barry O’Dwyer, lead researcher of climate change and adaptation in University College Cork.

“It is consistent with what we would expect in terms of Ireland’s changing climate.  Temperatures in Ireland have increased by almost a degree on average over the last century and this is in line with global temperature increases.”

The researcher said that projections indicate these changes will continue and future years will show similar above average temperatures.

Yesterday was the warmest day ever recorded in February or any winter month in the UK. A town in Wales had the highest temperature of 20.6 degrees Celsius. The highest temperatures on 25 February in Ireland was 17.3 degrees Celsius in Roscommon.

Last February, lowest temperatures were recorded at -7 degrees Celsius in Cork airport on the night of 28 February.

Memorable events from this time of weather flux include the looting and destruction of Jobstown Lidl in Tallaght by a stolen JCB on 2 March and the empty supermarket shelves cleared of bread.

By Orla Dwyer

Image Credit: Orla Dwyer

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