Fiancé of missing person Jón Jonsson spoke about of how he is a good man and is “like a father” to her two children.

Jonsson who disappeared on February 9th at 11am, is originally from Iceland and was on holiday in Ireland with his fiancé Jana Guðjónsdóttir when he went missing the day after he arrived.

“This is really out of character,” said Jón’s sister Anna who added that “people would expect me to disappear not him.”

He is 41 years old, 6 ft with short brown hair and was wearing a black padded jacket while walking in the Whitehall where he “was last seen on camera at the hospitals” in the nearby area, according to Jana.

He is known as a loving father to two girls aged 14 and 16 and was waiting to get his license to become a taxi driver.

His family arrived in Ireland on February 12th and have set up the gmail account  where people can contact them and help with the search. Around half a dozen volunteers from Dublin have contacted the family to help with the search and are handing out Missing Person fliers.

Jón’s other sister, Thorunn, posted an emotional statement on Facebook describing Jón after she received messages from many people stating that the public needed to know more about her brother.

When I graduated from college he bought me my graduation dress because I couldn’t afford one,” she said.

“The police have been looking for him, but they have so little evidence,” said Jana who stated that “dogs, a helicopter and CCTV footage” have been used by the Gardai to try and find Jonsson who has been missing for just over a week.

Gardai confirmed there are no further updates on the search.

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