The 11 at 11

  1. #CLODAGH HAWE: The family of Clodagh Hawe have called for a new and full inquiry into the murder of Clodagh and her three children by her husband in 2016. Mary Coll and Jaqueline Connolly, the mother and sister of Clodagh appeared on Claire Byrne Live last night where they opened up about their heartbreak and the questions that remain.
  2. #BREXIT: British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has said they are prepared to back a second referendum on the UK’s decision to leave the European Union if their withdrawal plan is rejected this week. Meanwhile, Minister Margot James has threatened to resign from government if Theresa May fails to rule out a no deal Brexit.
  3. #CORK: A body of a man in his 50s has been found in a house on the southside of Cork city. Gardai have initiated an investigation into the death where the man was pronounced dead at scene. Gardaí have stated they are keeping an “open mind” in regards to cause of death.   
  4. #BORDER: The US House of Representatives is to vote today in an effort to halt Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to build a wall on the US-Mexico border. Democrats have come forward, stating that the declaration if unconstitutional and will use a provision in the National Emergency Act to terminate the president’s efforts.
  5. #BRENDANROGERS: Football manager Brendan Rogers is in talks to become Leicester’s new manager following the dismissal of Calude Puel on Sunday. Rogers is set to leave while Celtic is eight points clear at the top of the Scottish Premiership. Puel was sacked after Leicesters 4-1 home defeat to Crystal Place.
  6. #ICELAND: Missing Icelandic man, Jon Jonsson, reportedly lost €4000 in a poker game the night before he went missing, according to a report from the Jonsson, aged 41 has been missing since the 8th of February.More than 50 people have volunteered to search for him.
  7. #VATICAN: Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican treasuer, has been found guilty of child sexual assault. The decision was made in a Melbourne court on the 11th of December but due to a suppression order, could only be reported on now. Pell has been charged with five cases of child sexual abuse. Pope Francis has yet to comment on the verdict.
  8. #DÁIL: The Parliamentary Budget Office has found that a no deal Brexit could push the government’s budget into the red for another five years. The risks of a no-deal Brexit could be worse due to the Budget 2019’s assumption that there would be little trade friction between the UK and the EU. Employment, company profits and and consumption would hit below predicted forecast in the case of a no deal Brexit.
  9. #CHAGOSISLANDS: The United Nation’s highest court has ruled that the United Kingdom is illegally occupying the Chagos Islands. Judges at the International Court at the Hague have said that Britain must ends its administration “as rapidly as possible”. This advisory opinion is not legally binding.
  10. #SHARPOBJECTS: A woman has been attacked with scissors in a Centra in Dublin. A video of the gorey incident was posted on social media. The attacker then threw a pineapple at the woman as she lied on the ground.
  11. #BEACHBABY: Trip Advisor have announced the top 10 Irish beaches for 2019. Inchydoney in West Cork has taken the top spot, but Kerry proves victorious with six beaches making an appearance in the top 10 list. All beaches were on the west coast except for Portmarnock beach in Co. Dublin.

By Aoibhin Bryant

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