Trump in Trouble

Trump Administration sued by 16 States for declaring a National Emergency to fund the Mexican border wall 

Image credit: Kayla Velasque via Unsplash

Donald Trump’s government is being sued by 16 U.S. states for declaring a ‘’fabricated’’ National Emergency to fund to fund the Mexico border wall. 

President Trump filed a lawsuit on Monday in a Californian district court, in order to bypass Congress after he was refused the $5.7 billion needed for the wall promised in his election campaign.  

The lawsuit contradicts the U.S. Constitution which defines Congress as the final arbiter of public funds and some of Trumps own party have warned that the move could spur an influx of future presidents calling on the act whenever they fail to get their way with Congress. 

California has led the way in this case along with 15 other states including New York, Oregon, Hawaii, Virginia and New Mexico. 

Catherine Connolly, U.S. foreign policy specialist of the DCU school of Law and Government said, 

‘’While the case might be successful in California, which is where he filed the suit, it’s very likely that the case will end up going to the Supreme Court.’’ 

‘’Because Trump has framed the building of the border wall as a national security issue, that could work in his favour. If it reaches the supreme court, which I imagine it probably will, it could very well go in Trump’s favour. Of course, we can’t say for sure what will happen, but given past history on national security questions, generally the court will give deference to the President’’. 

‘’On the national emergency question itself, the idea that there is a national emergency in terms of the Southern border is essentially fabricated. Numbers of people apprehended at the Southern border are at their lowest since 1971 I believe, so it’s essentially a manufactured crisis of unlawful immigration. The President can declare an emergency, but he can’t create one.’’   

Connolly maintained that the only other way to stop the national emergency and the appropriation of funds would be for Congress to pass a vote of joint resolution. 

However, the President could potentially still veto this, 

‘’If every democrat was to vote to end the national emergency declaration, they’d still need four republicans to vote with them, but the President can veto this.’’  

As well as draining $6.6 billion from mainly the Defence Department budget, the Mexican border wall that Trump is proposing will have potentially catastrophic effects on species such as the already endangered Mexican grey wolf and the jaguar.

By Marianne Foody.

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