The 11 at 11

  1. #CLODAGH HAWE: The family of Clodagh Hawe have called for a new and full inquiry into the murder of Clodagh and her three children by her husband in 2016. Mary Coll and Jaqueline Connolly, the mother and sister of Clodagh appeared on Claire Byrne Live last night where they opened up about their heartbreak and the questions that remain.
  2. #BREXIT: British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has said they are prepared to back a second referendum on the UK’s decision to leave the European Union if their withdrawal plan is rejected this week. Meanwhile, Minister Margot James has threatened to resign from government if Theresa May fails to rule out a no deal Brexit.
  3. #CORK: A body of a man in his 50s has been found in a house on the southside of Cork city. Gardai have initiated an investigation into the death where the man was pronounced dead at scene. Gardaí have stated they are keeping an “open mind” in regards to cause of death.   
  4. #BORDER: The US House of Representatives is to vote today in an effort to halt Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to build a wall on the US-Mexico border. Democrats have come forward, stating that the declaration if unconstitutional and will use a provision in the National Emergency Act to terminate the president’s efforts.
  5. #BRENDANROGERS: Football manager Brendan Rogers is in talks to become Leicester’s new manager following the dismissal of Calude Puel on Sunday. Rogers is set to leave while Celtic is eight points clear at the top of the Scottish Premiership. Puel was sacked after Leicesters 4-1 home defeat to Crystal Place.
  6. #ICELAND: Missing Icelandic man, Jon Jonsson, reportedly lost €4000 in a poker game the night before he went missing, according to a report from the Jonsson, aged 41 has been missing since the 8th of February.More than 50 people have volunteered to search for him.
  7. #VATICAN: Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican treasuer, has been found guilty of child sexual assault. The decision was made in a Melbourne court on the 11th of December but due to a suppression order, could only be reported on now. Pell has been charged with five cases of child sexual abuse. Pope Francis has yet to comment on the verdict.
  8. #DÁIL: The Parliamentary Budget Office has found that a no deal Brexit could push the government’s budget into the red for another five years. The risks of a no-deal Brexit could be worse due to the Budget 2019’s assumption that there would be little trade friction between the UK and the EU. Employment, company profits and and consumption would hit below predicted forecast in the case of a no deal Brexit.
  9. #CHAGOSISLANDS: The United Nation’s highest court has ruled that the United Kingdom is illegally occupying the Chagos Islands. Judges at the International Court at the Hague have said that Britain must ends its administration “as rapidly as possible”. This advisory opinion is not legally binding.
  10. #SHARPOBJECTS: A woman has been attacked with scissors in a Centra in Dublin. A video of the gorey incident was posted on social media. The attacker then threw a pineapple at the woman as she lied on the ground.
  11. #BEACHBABY: Trip Advisor have announced the top 10 Irish beaches for 2019. Inchydoney in West Cork has taken the top spot, but Kerry proves victorious with six beaches making an appearance in the top 10 list. All beaches were on the west coast except for Portmarnock beach in Co. Dublin.

By Aoibhin Bryant

Trump Administration sued by 16 States for declaring a National Emergency to fund the Mexican border wall .

by Marianne Foody.

Donald Trump’s government is being sued by 16 U.S. states for declaring a ‘’fabricated’’ National Emergency to fund to fund the Mexico border wall. 

President Trump filed a lawsuit on Monday in a Californian district court, in order to bypass Congress after he was refused the $5.7 billion needed for the wall promised in his election campaign.  

The lawsuit contradicts the U.S. Constitution which defines Congress as the final arbiter of public funds and some of Trumps own party have warned that the move could spur an influx of future presidents calling on the act whenever they fail to get their way with Congress. 

California has led the way in this case along with 15 other states including New York, Oregon, Hawaii, Virginia and New Mexico. 

Catherine Connolly, U.S. foreign policy specialist of the DCU school of Law and Government said, 

‘’While the case might be successful in California, which is where he filed the suit, it’s very likely that the case will end up going to the Supreme Court.’’ 

‘’Because Trump has framed the building of the border wall as a national security issue, that could work in his favour. If it reaches the supreme court, which I imagine it probably will, it could very well go in Trump’s favour. Of course, we can’t say for sure what will happen, but given past history on national security questions, generally the court will give deference to the President’’. 

‘’On the national emergency question itself, the idea that there is a national emergency in terms of the Southern border is essentially fabricated. Numbers of people apprehended at the Southern border are at their lowest since 1971 I believe, so it’s essentially a manufactured crisis of unlawful immigration. The President can declare an emergency, but he can’t create one.’’   

Connolly maintained that the only other way to stop the national emergency and the appropriation of funds would be for Congress to pass a vote of joint resolution. 

However, the President could potentially still veto this, 

‘’If every democrat was to vote to end the national emergency declaration, they’d still need four republicans to vote with them, but the President can veto this.’’  

As well as draining $6.6 billion from mainly the Defence Department budget, the Mexican border wall that Trump is proposing will have potentially catastrophic effects on species such as the already endangered Mexican gray wolf and the jaguar. 

Communion clothing range rolled out

Discount stores Lidl and Dunnes Stores have rolled out their new communion clothing range, with Lidl offering a dress at €34.99, blazers at €14.99 and pants for just €8.99.

Communion dresses at Dunnes Stores start at €80, but offer shoes at €30, capes at €25, and cardigans at €20. The chain offers a range of accessories for €20 euro and under.

Last year, the Ulster Bank Communion Survey found that parents spend an average of €162 on outfits for their children.

A total of 53 percent of parents said that they felt pressured to spend as much as others on Holy Communion.

“We deal with the sacramental side of things and we haven’t picked up on any competitiveness here,” said Collette from Our Lady of Dolours Parish in Glasnevin.

“As a mum, I think it’s great if you could buy a cheaper dress. There’s more choice for people too”.

The clothing range at Dunnes Stores contains “superior quality satins, appliqués and lace, and beaded details,” according to their website. Boys shoes are made of leather.

Three designs are available for the girls’ communion range at Lidl in Omni Park Shopping Centre.

The girls’ communion dresses at Lidl are made of a mixture of cotton and polyester.

“We used to have to go to fancy shops for our communion, and then keep the clothes for future occasions,” said Sean who comes from a Catholic background.

“I’m shocked that places like Lidl and Dunnes Stores are releasing clothes for communion… I think nowadays there’s more variety available too”.

Dunnes Stores and Lidl were contacted but did not comment.

By Sabrine Donohoe

Celebrities pay tribute to Karl Lagerfeld after designer dies at 85

Following news of the death of influential fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, celebrities and other members of the fashion industries took to social media to express their condolences.

Chanel, where he formerly presided as the Creative Director, paid homage to Lagerfeld by saying “A prolific creative mind with endless imagination, Karl Lagerfeld explored many artistic horizons, including photography and short films. The House of CHANEL benefited from his talent for all the branding campaigns related to Fashion since 1987. Finally, one cannot refer to Karl Lagerfeld without mentioning his innate sense of repartee and self-mockery.”

The German designer, best known for his ponytail and black glasses continued to work into his 80’s before finally passing today following what has been described as a short illness.

Companies like Time, Complex and Vogue have taken to Twitter to pay tribute:

Chanel CEO, Alain Wertheimer also said “Thanks to his creative genius, generosity and exceptional intuition, Karl Lagerfeld was ahead of his time, which widely contributed to the House of CHANEL’s success throughout the world. Today, not only have I lost a friend, but we have all lost an extraordinary creative mind to whom I gave carte blanche in the early 1980s to reinvent the brand.”

Many others from the world of fashion also relayed their stories of the fashion icon with Diane Kruger posting “Karl…..I cannot tell you how much you meant to me and how much I will miss you.”

Claudia Schiffer and Neil Patrick Harris also tweeted;

Not all of Lagerfeld’s legacy has been put in a positive light today with many posts about his previous comments on the #MeToo movement seeing a resurgence.

Lagerfeld also spoke out against Germany, his homeland, taking in Syrian Refugee’s

“One cannot – even if there are decades between them – kill millions of Jews so you can bring millions of their worst enemies in their place,” he said. “I know someone in Germany who took a young Syrian and after four days said ‘the greatest thing Germany invented was the Holocaust.”

By Hugh Farrell

Daughter of murdered Bobby Ryan in hysterics after photos of his body shown in court

The daughter of the deceased Bobby Ryan ran out of the courtroom in hysterics today after photographs of her father’s decomposing body were shown at the ‘Mr Moonlight’ trial.

Michelle Ryan was followed out of the courtroom by two women and did not return.

Patrick Quirke, of Breanshamore, Co Tipperary, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Mr Ryan on a date between June 3, 2011, and April 2013.

The crime scene photographs depicted the decomposing body in the water of the tank and were met with gasps from the courtroom.

The disturbing images were shown when a member An Garda Siochana, who had taken the photos,  was being cross-examined by the defence counsel Lorcan E Staines SC .

Mr Staines had requested that the images taken were shown in chronological order.

The defense counsel later apologised and requested for “appropriate steps to be taken”. Judge Eileen Creedon added that the more sensitive materials “should be isolated”.


The accused showed little emotion in his face throughout this afternoon’s hearing.

Earlier on in the hearing, Detective Sharon Langan told the trial that the body of the deceased Bobby Ryan was ”very decomposed” and wearing a gold watch when he was found in the slurry tank.

Detective Langan was received  a call to go to Fawnagown in County Tipperary when it was suspected that a body had been found, the trail heard.

When she approached the area she looked through a gap in the pit which had two concrete slabs one of which was moved to reveal the contents of the pit.

Gold watch

Detective Langan and her team wrapped the body, which was “ very decomposed and wearing a watch, a gold watch”, she told the trial.

She told the trail how she took six samples from the body. These were a deep tissue and a muscle sample, the gold watch, a sample of bone marrow, a sample of hair, a maggot and a tooth.

Upon the cross-examination of Garda Gerry Canty by the defence counsel Mr Staines, it emerged that a ‘lady’s hair clip’ which was found in the run off from the slurry tank was not recorded in one exhibit chart.

Prosecution counsel Michael Bowman SC followed to cross-examine Mr Canty, where Mr Canty stated that he had no dealings with the exhibit tamper bag in which the items were originally stored.

The trial also heard that the deceased’s van was taken by Gardaí and used for RTÉ’s Crime Call programme. It was then returned to Mr Ryan’s son and “taken back by Gardaí again”.

Detective Langan said that she “wouldn’t have been optimistic” in her expectation of finding evidence but she stated that she “carried on as requested”.

The trial will continue this Friday at 11am.

Gabija Gataveckaite and Nicole Cassidy

Image Credit: Collins Courts

Irish fisheries caught in the middle with Brexit

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Marine, Michael Creedy met with the EU Fisheries Commissioner yesterday to discuss the effect that a ‘No Deal Brexit’ will have on the Irish Fishing industry.

The EU commission presented legislative proposals that would protect Irish fisheries in the event of a hard brexit. It was proposed that quota swapping with the UK would be implemented as well as the potential for reciprocal access between the two countries would be implemented.

Minister Creed said that he was happy with the proposals presented but that more measures would be required to better protect the industry.

“I made clear my view that a ‘No Deal’ Brexit poses serious challenges for the Irish Fishing industry and a co-ordinated EU response will be required,” said Creed.

Michael Gove has said that they will use tariffs and quotas to protect their British Farmers.

Both Irish and British fisheries would be affected by a hard Brexit because fishing zones that both industries cross each day would suddenly become exclusive to each other.

Tanaiste Simon Covney is having a cabinet meeting on the topic of a possible no deal Brexit but it is unknown if they discussed fisheries.

By Donal Corrigan

DCU welcomes Green Week

DCUSU and the Sustainable Living society are promoting Green Week on campus this week.

Events such as hosting bike clinics, swap shops, and zero waste cooking workshops will be held throughout the week.

“DCU is set to be a sustainable university by 2020,” SU presidential candidate Adam Healy stated.

Nubar are taking steps towards sustainable living. According to the manager, Dave Keaveny who said: “We’re doing it tonight for Green Week, but I’m waiting for the suppliers to come back to me to change it altogether because DCU is plastic free.”

“All our takeaway containers, coffee cups, straws. Everything is compostable except the plastic cups, but that’s changing.” he continued.

When asked is DCU doing enough, second year student, Brendan Fernando Kelly Palenque said: “While it’s obviously good and important that people discuss climate change, there needs to be more than that. And it also needs to go beyond getting people to make individual decisions to stop climate change.”

“We should be placing more pressure on the government and big business to stop climate change. Granted, who knows if it’s even possible to stop climate change in a capitalist system,” he added.

Sorcha Ní Chonghaile, who is a member of the Sustainable Living society committee thinks sustainable development goals should be a part of the curriculum in DCU.

“It already is for the B.Ed. programme, so primary school teachers are already getting it. It isn’t that difficult, so they can roll that out to a wider level. It’s really applicable to everyone and it covers everything,” said Ní Chonghaile.

“We’ve seen on campus there’s a reduction in usage of disposable cups because last year we passed that referendum over the line which helps a lot as there’s less availability of plastic, and also the community spirit in DCU is strong. They have a good level of participation to make change.” she added.

Trinity and UCD are also partaking in this significant week. Ní Chonghaile thinks DCU are doing enough in comparison to them.

“Some people would disagree but this is such a busy campus and if we did anymore we wouldn’t get the turnouts. The compostable cups night tonight is a big enough event in itself, that it’s not going to draw away from other events. This week allows students to attend less events but in more numbers,” she said.

Amy Donohoe 

Image credit:

Calls for RTÉ to boycott the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel next year

RTE continues to face backlash from people over decision to broadcast the 2019 Eurovision contest in Israel.

Ireland, who are one of 16 countries yet to announce their act for the competition, have been called on to boycott the event along with many other countries due to its whereabouts.

Last year, Netta won Israel’s third Eurovision, but there were calls for a boycott immediately after her win following the country’s treatment of Palestinians.

Two days after her win 62 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, on that same night Netta performed a celebrity concert in this year’s host city Tel Aviv. The mayor who hosted that event said “we have reason to be happy,” that night despite the deaths that occurred earlier that day.

Tensions have only raised since then and the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement have been asking nations to boycott the Eurovision as part of their many protests towards the Israeli’s.

Earlier today it was confirmed that RTE have received multiple requests to boycott the competition by its own viewers.

A petition with over 11,000 signatures was presented to RTE from people who wish for the country to avoid the event that begins on the 14th of May.

So far, RTE remain certain that they will go to Israel even amid the tensions that it has caused.

IPSC members presenting their petition to RTE on 26 September 2018.

By Joshua Freeman

Image credit: IPSC

Irish fashion community pay tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

Famous for his dark sunglasses, snowy ponytail, and black suits, his death has been felt across the fashion world.

Figures from the Irish Fashion Industry paid tribute to Karl Lagerfeld.

“I met him once in a bookstore in Paris. It’s a surreal moment I will never forget. Karl was an innovator who had so much influence on the designers of today. Designers have learned so much from him over the years, and his death is a huge loss” said Irish fashion designer Niamh O’Neill.

Not only has he inspired fashion designers across Ireland, he has inspired many fashion students in the Dublin region.

“Absolutely tragic! We have truly lost a visionary of our time. He can never ever be replaced! His work will continue to inspire me and others for generations to come. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world Karl” said NCAD fashion student, John Mangru.

Another NCAD fashion student, Twiggy said, “Karl was an intuitive, creator and leader in the fashion world he was an enigma with such grace and class. It’s really sad to hear the news of his death because he was the face of curiosity and showed that no matter how big or small your designs were it was possible to create such beauty, as fast fashion grows the attention to detail slowly dies with the makers”

“It’s a very sad day in the fashion world” stated DCU Style chair, Emma Collins. “He was the visionary behind Chanel, so one of the most famous brands in the world is changed forever now.”

Vice chair Bronagh Kelly said, “he has his own line and you could spot him a mile away and it’s a mad week for it to happen as well. We’re having our fashion show on Thursday.” When asked would they pay tribute to Lagerfeld, Kelly said that it would be “highly controversial” as they’re just “catering to student level.”

Niamh O’Neill, fashion designer.

Alison Clair and Amy Donohoe

Image credit: The Irish Times.

Report on cost overrun of National Children’s Hospital dismissed by left-wing TD

A report released today on details of the National Children’s Hospital overrun has been dismissed by a spokesperson for People Before Profit (PBP).

It stated that the cost overrun on the national children’s hospital would have transpired regardless if another contractor other than Bam was selected to work on the development. Bam’s bid came in at the lowest, €178 million lower than John Sisk which was next in line.

It was originally conducted by the HSE in Autumn of last year at the request of the Department of Health.

“The report doesn’t really settle the issue of how we went from a tender price of €650 million to a cost of well over €1.4 billion,” said Richard Boyd Barrett of PBP.

Construction inflation was put down as one of the prominent reasons for the extent of the overruns.

The Dun Laoghaire TD refuted this by saying, “Construction inflation has not seen massive overruns in other areas of Infrastructure, the Taoiseach himself has admitted that. There is something else wrong and the government mismanaged to allow for an overrun.”

The chairperson of the Health Committee said today that the attitude of the government towards the health service needs to be “completely replaced.”

Independent TD Dr Michael Harty made the comments following his announcement that he plans to vote against Minister for Health Simon Harris in a motion of no confidence that is to be held tomorrow evening.

The Clare TD, who is also chairperson of the Health Committee, had originally intended to abstain from the vote. However when he discovered on Monday that the commitment to deliver 60 extra beds in University Hospital Limerick would be delayed as a result of the overruns for the National Children’s Hospital, he changed his mind.

“I have made allowances for the Minister on several occasions in relation to his actions and options to health reform. It (the extra beds) most likely will not be delivered next winter or the winter after. Because I could not trust the Minister to deliver on such commitment, i couldn’t retain confidence in him if I was to be true to myself,”  Harty said.

He did not agree that he was focusing on a local issue, “The hospital serves a population of between 400 and 450 thousand people, that is one tenth of the population. It’s not so much a local crosswords issue, it is an issue that encompasses the entire midwest,” he said.

He stated that attitude of the government towards is health service is “very poor”, “They have not implemented any of the major reforms included in a cross-party blueprint to reform the health system.”

Dr Harty said that the lack of communication between Minister Harris and Minister for Finance and Public Expenditure between August and November of 2018 on the potential risk of an overrun in costs was “astounding to say the least.”

Catherine Gallagher

Image Credit: Gareth Chaney Collins

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