Almost 30,000 cigarettes seized at Dublin Airport

Cigarettes and tobacco with a retail value of €20,000 were seized at Dublin Airport yesterday.

Revenue officers seized 29,400 cigarettes and 3kgs of tobacco when they stopped a passenger arriving from a flight from Abu Dhabi.

The tobacco products seized were branded ‘Chesterfield’, ‘Pall Mall’, ‘Marlboro Gold’ and ‘Amber Leaf’ and represent a potential loss of €14,000 to the Exchequer.

A 34-year-old Lithuanian man was arrested and appeared before Judge Dermot Simms in the Dublin Metropolitan District Court on the same day.

He is to be remanded in custody to Cloverhill until Friday next, 1 March, when he will next appear before the court.

A total of 5,237 seizures and detections of tobacco were recordecd in 2018, according to the Revenue’s Headline Results for the year.

The 2018 report, which give preliminary reports for the year, show that €42.21m in tobacco was seized last year.

By Gerard Grimes

Image Credit: Revenue

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