Leaders’ Questions has been concluded.


Deputy Ryan asks to stop scoring political points, Ryan says he fought hard for his transport policies while in government.

Ceann Comharile quells the uproar.

“Would you ever shut up once, yeah?” says Fine Gael Fergus O’Dowd


Varadkar says the Green Party has a poor record in implementing transport plans.

“There is a public consultation underway on both Bus Connects and MetroLink”.

Varadkar is determined to see these projects through.


Deputy Eamon Ryan of the Green Party says there are three options for MetroLink:

  • either connect to the green line.
  • Connect to Rathfarnam and Tallaght, an area of Dublin lacking transport services.
  • Or connect it to UCD and Sandymount.

Ryan pleads to not abandon the southside of the city. And whatever happens on the southside, do not delay the northside.

“We fundamentally stand with bus connects, our transport emissions will increase by 30 per cent when we need to decrease”.


Howlin: “Where stands Metro now? Is it the original, is it modified?”

“We always seem to plan but never deliver”.

Varadkar says is impossible to cost MetroLink at this stage, but will be a multi billion investment.

“Public consultation is under way”.


Taoiseach Varadkar mentions how many of his constituents from Dublin West spend 2 hours on the bus every day.

Varadkar wants to implement project Ireland 2040, hoping to grow areas out of Dublin in order to solve congestion.

“I doubt anyone regrets the Luas is built now” Varadkar refers back to how many protested against the extension of the green line.

The MetroLink will disrupt sports centres and parking spaces.

Deputy is asked to stop yelling by Ceann Comhairle.


“As Minister for Justice has indictated, he is very welcome to receive a submission from the family”.

Deputy Brendan Howlin for Labour raises the anxiety around the two major transport projects, MetroLink and Bus Connects.

“123 years ago Glasgow opened its first subway, we are still planning our own”.

Minister for Transport has seemed to distance himself from Bus Connects, according to Howlin.

“Will the government provide for a full and complete debate in this house to test its plan for transport provisions?”


Deputy MacDonald wants each of the statutory organisations to not only be horrified but to learn “why, so we can take preventative action”.

MacDonald is told that time is up.


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says that the Gardai can learn from awful cases “such as this”.

The Gardaí are carrying out a review on domestic violence homicide.


Deputy Mary Lou MacDonald also mentions the “heartbreaking story” of Clodagh Hawes’ murder.

“They need answers to questions surrounding Clodagh and her sons’ murder”.

“Domestic homicide reviews take a multi-agency approach. Bodies such as Woman’s Aid have long advocated for the introduction of these reviews in Ireland”.

MacDonald asks if the Minister for Justice will meet with the family to discuss the matter.


Martin says many valid points were made last night, that it was too easy in cases of familicide to throw a blanket over cases, blaming it on depression psychosis.

Martin asks to commission research into familicide in Ireland.

Varadkar responds that the budget for National Suicide Office has doubled.


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says the murder of Clodagh and her three sons was beyond “anyone’s worst nightmares”.

“We cannot imagine their pain, very little we can say or do here to ease their grief and suffering”.

Varadkar says laws have been made already, highlighting the Domestic Violence Act that passed in 2018.

“The family have asked us to review the succession and coroners act”.


Deputy Míchael Martin brings up Clodagh Hawe’s story on Claire Byrne Live last night.

“Many questions still remain unanswered, for far too long”.

“There are serious child protection issues at stake, profound issues relating to mental health and psychiatry”.

Martin says there are clearly lessons to be learnt from the murder.

Martin puts a question to the government if another inquiry will be commissioned.


Leo Varadkar makes his way down the steps to his seat.

Mary Lou MacDonald and Míchael Martin enter the chamber.

Leaders questions are set to begin soon. Brexit will undoubtedly be a hot topic, as well as VAT tax.

Aoibhín Bryant

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