Theresa May: 

“We gave made a clear and firm commitment from this government that we will bring those votes to the house. The decision will not be entirely ours, it will be the decision of the other 27 states in the European Union”.

Yvette Cooper:

“Will the government argue for no deal or argue for extension?”

Theresa May:

“Being no majority, have to face up to the fact that either he must vote to remain in the European Union, which betrays the trust of the British people or vote for our deal”.

“There is no majority in this house in favour of leaving the European Union with no deal, whether its March, June or October”.

“If we are going to have an extension to Article 50, what does the Prime Minister intend?”

Theresa May:

“Because we are taking this time to negotiate the changes required by this house”.

“We are in talks with the European Union, and we are talking about the issues this house requires”.

“If he wants to end uncertainty and deal with the issues he raised in his response, then he should vote for a deal. Simples”

Jeremy Corbyn:

“The Prime Minister has promised a vote in December, January, February and now March. She has only managed to put a vote once, when it was comprehensibly defeated.”

There is a real life consequences of Prime Minister’s cynical tactics, factories are relocating abroad, investments being lost. Thousands are fearing for the worst. This responsibility relies exclusively on the pm and her government SHAMBOLIC handling”.

Theresa May: 

The PM has stated that the house will “make a success of a no deal”.

She has presented the House with three options, with a vote on the deal on the March 12th at the latest. If that vote is defeated, on the 13th of March, she will table a motion “asking this house if it supports withdrawing from the EU on the basis of a no deal”

If that motion is defeated, on the 14th the government will bring forward a motion to extend Article 50.

By Aoibhin Bryant

Image Credit: Flickr

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