Party for Animal Welfare launches in Dublin

Party For Animal Welfare (PAW) held a media event on Tuesday 26th February where they talked about their goals and plans for the future.

A new political party that advocates for animals rights in politics are looking for people to stand as election candidates around the country

Some of the party’s main aims are to ban fur farming, ban fox and badger hunting, ban life hare coursing and ban greyhound racing. They also want to put a stop to puppy farming and fix the equine issue in Ireland

They invited the public to come to their launch to find out about their party. They were also encouraged to volunteer to become a member and pay an annual fee, and to put themselves forward to become an election candidate for the party in local elections.

Councillor Jane Smith, the deputy leader for the Animal Welfare Party (AWP) in Cheshire, UK was in attendance on the day. She was AWP’s first ever elected councillor.

Smith gave a speech about the importance of having parties whose sole purpose and concentration is about the welfare for animals. These parties “give a voice to animals in human politics”.

“The sweeping changes for the better that can be made when animals are fairly represented in human politics,” she said, “this country already has some very, very committed advocates and the times now come to bring it all together to make real political change for animals”.

Smith was joined on the panel at the launch with Chairperson of PAW Gerben Uunk and Caroline Rowley, spokesperson for Compassion in World Farming.

At the launch they showed videos of members from some of the other 18 political parties for animals in the world, who were wishing PAW luck and inviting them into the “family”.

Towards the end of the talk they allowed for the members of the public who had come to the launch to ask questions and talk about the issues that animals face and why they should be stopped.

Two women at the launch stayed back to organise with Uunk to start meetings for the party in Dublin, they organised to meet once at the start of every month to try promote the party and invite more members to join them.

PAW is part of a growing animal protection movement. The first party for animal welfare was the Dutch party got the Animals, since them many other political parties have been launch worldwide.

By Rachel Halpin

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